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Access Control

Access control and safety is fully integrated into systems to match requirements:
  • Remote - either single or multi channel with facility to control other equipment, gates or barriers.
  • Keyswitch
  • Pushbutton
  • Keypad and card reader systems offering single codes, multi-entrance single user code, or card delete and time lockout
  • Induction loop for automatic vehicle triggering/sensing.
  • Time clock systems including time zoning for specified users.
Additionally, audio and video phone entry systems, ticket machines, special custom designed circuits for specialist applications are available.

Safety options include infra red beams, induction loops, pressure strips and safety edges to variable pressure adjustments.

Locking options include electric, hydraulic and magnetic with fail-safe features available for emergency access.

Examples of access methods we can provide:

•  Keypads - multiple codes and ability to time control access codes
•  Free entry or exit infra-red beam - allows access to all, can be time controlled
•  Free entry or exit induction loop - detects vehicles only
•  Audio entryphones - speak to visitors before allowing entry
•  Video entryphone
•  External bell/siren to alert occupier of a caller when outside
•  Full ranges of pushbuttons, switches and consoles
•  Phone Entry/Access Control Systems - allows you to fully integrate a wireless system from the main Elite system or Dial Code telephone entry unit to remote access points effortlessly.
•  Card systems
•  Proximity tagging systems

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