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Welcome to our virtual showroom!  Simply CLICK on the image to visit each product catagory as you desire.  For your convenience, our online store is open 24/7 and you may send in your orders for parts and accessories anytime. Thank you for your visit.
Commercial Gates
Slide Gates -
This system consisting of single or multiple panels is designed to provide rigidity and stability. We can customize it for you.
Commercial Swing Gates
Swing Gates -
This system specified when the site configuration does not allow for full movement of a slide gate and its counterbalance.
Overhead Gates -
Mostly used in situations where there is not enough room for full movement of a cantilever gate. It may be hung from a wall or an overhead structure.
Commercial Pedestrian Gates
Pedestrian Gates -
This system provides safe and secure movement of pedestrian traffic and is available with a variety of options.
Residential Gates
Slide Gates -
Gate slides open and closed on rails. Perfect where there isn't space for gate doors to swing.
Swing Gates -
Hinged gates with one or two doors which swing open and closed.
Pedestrian Gates -
Designed for maximum quality, elegance, and practicality to complement our driveway and garden gate styles.
Fencing Services
Gate OperatorsPhone SystemsParts
AAS is specialized in custom iron fencing to match your gate style. Please click HERE or the image above for our photo gallery. You may visit our online calendar to schedule an estimate.Our gate operators are designed and engineered as a whole, providing low preventative maintenance requirements and long service life. We offers a full line of telephone entry systems to allow you to choose the exact product to meet your application requirements.We offers a wide variety of parts & accessories for your electric gates and equipment.
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